How Flowers are Processed and Shipped for Memorial Day Flowers at Arlington National Cemetery

Supplying more then 120,000 roses to be placed on headstones and handed out to visitors at Arlington National Cemetery during Memorial Day is a challenging logistical effort. Here’s a behind the scenes view of how the flowers are unpacked, cut and placed in buckets of water to be shipped to Arlington.

Thank you to Ryan Black of Jet Fresh Flowers, sponsor and participant in Memorial Day Flowers for producing this video.

We Can’t Afford To Lose Any More Veterans To Suicide!

[Link Share] Despite the expanded suicide prevention programs in place since January 2013, suicide rates continue to rise among veterans, who are twice as likely to commit suicide compared to their civilian counterparts. This means a veteran dies of self-inflicted wounds approximately once each hour. Poor data collection and tracking means these unfortunate statistics could under-represent the true extent of the problem. In short, more must be done to help our veterans. Sign below to help!

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Alloway family travels to Arlington National Cemetery to comfort families of fallen heroes

[Source:] Twelve-year-old Marina Clifford said she couldn’t help but take notice of the young woman crying in front of a gravesite while she was walking through Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va.

Marina, who lives with her family in Alloway Township, was at the national cemetery as a volunteer on Memorial Day, helping to hand out roses to those visiting the gravestones of loved ones lost while serving in the United States Armed Forces.


Memorial Day Flowers Video