MIRACLE FOR MEMORIAL DAY: Foundation Says Flower Donations Hit New Record More Volunteers Are Needed on Sunday, May 28 9am-5pm at Arlington National Cemetery on Flowers of Remembrance Day

Arlington, Va. – Only a week ago, the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation had only 80,000 flowers to place for its annual floral tribute at Arlington National Cemetery. Thanks to funding and donations the Foundation will bring a record-breaking 250,000 flowers to the cemetery, which will be enough to honor about 70% of the gravesites. “We […]

Memorial Day help needed at Arlington after record flower donations

The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation is calling for volunteers to help place flowers at Arlington National Cemetery gravesites ahead of Memorial Day after a record week of donations left the organization with more flowers than available hands to distribute them. Just last week, the foundation announced donations for flowers had “dried up,” with just 80,000 […]

Funding Needed for Memorial Day Floral Tribute at Arlington National Cemetery

Funding Needed for Memorial Day Floral Tribute at Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Day Flowers Foundation says fundraising this year has been tough and absent a surge in donations before May 22, the Foundation will have only 50,000 flowers to place to honor fallen troops. Arlington, Va. – It’s a Memorial Day tradition that stretches back […]

Volunteer story

On November 9 & 10 2021. I had the privilege to volunteer as a part of the 100 anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier. At sunrise, I watched the Native Americans initiate the re-dedications as they had done at the initial dedication, 100 years ago.  To say that their presence in their native […]