Tribute Box Program

Honor your veterans by placing flowers at your local cemetery


We are no longer receiving orders for tribute boxes to be delivered before Memorial Day 2024. Please contact us about getting involved for 2025, or inquire about our other programs. Write us at

Honor Your Veterans by Placing a Flower at Your Local Cemetery

You can honor your local veterans and place a flower at their graves with your friends, family, and colleagues. 

We encourage you to take flowers from your garden, or visit your retail florist or supermarket to purchase flowers for this tribute at your local cemetery.  You can also purchase Tribute Boxes of 50, 125, or 250 roses from the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation.  These flowers will be sent directly from the farm via FedEx or UPS, and will arrive the Thursday before Memorial Day.

A flower tribute is a simple activity for individuals, families, and volunteer groups to honor those who served in our Armed Forces. Parents can use this experience to help teach children about patriotism, history, and service.

There are over a thousand National, Veterans’, and County Military Cemeteries across the country. Most local cemeteries have sections dedicated to interred service men and women as well.

These graves are easily found by the flag placed before the headstone. You and your family can visit your local cemetery on Memorial Day and place a flower alongside the flag.

Placing Flowers
on Memorial Day

We ask our volunteers to place flowers before headstones and quietly read the inscriptions.  Take a moment to thank the interred for their service to our country.

The placement of the 125 roses normally takes about 90 minutes. This floral tribute helps bring back the meaning of Memorial Day, decorating the graves of those who were willing to sacrifice for our country.

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