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Oregon Trail State Veterans Cemetery


A $10.00 donation will place a rose on twelve graves. The donation of $100 will sponsor a bucket of 125 roses to be placed on 125 headstones at Oregon Trail State Veterans Cemetery. A Remembrance Bouquet of flowers is included with each sponsored bucket.


By sponsoring you automatically become a volunteer. 


If you would like to volunteer to place or hand out flowers please click the Volunteer button. For further information please contact the local event organizer.

  • We may need to call you to coordinate before Memorial Day Weekend
  • Invite your family and friends to join you

Ed Good

Local OrganizerAfter three decades in airline and transportation, education consulting and business management, Ed Good proudly serves as Advisory Board Member of Victory for Veterals Foundation. A successful business owner since 2005 and private pilot, Ed is a Past Interim Board Member at Friends of Wyo. State Veterans Museum, a Trustee/Manager at the Good Aviation and Veterans Museum.


Memorial Day Flowers is an opportunity for your associates to show family members that the sacrifices made by their interred loved ones are remembered.

The Foundation encourages that sponsor associates and family members participate in the laying of roses.

On May 27th, the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, each volunteer will carry a Sponsor Logo tote bag with a bucket with 125 roses.

Each corporate sponsor volunteer will receive a bouquet to take home. Each bouquet will be accompanied with a flower food sachet and a care handout.

Each $10,000 sponsors 100 buckets, 1 bucket contains 125  roses.


Map of the cemetery

Oregon Trail State Veterans Cemetery