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Sacramento Valley National Cemetery

Sponsor a Rose Bucket/Donate

A $10.00 donation will place a rose on twelve graves. The donation of $100 will sponsor a bucket of 125 roses to be placed on 125 headstones at Sacramento Valley National Cemetery. A Remembrance Bouquet of flowers is included with each sponsored bucket.


By sponsoring you automatically become a volunteer.


The volunteers at Sacramento Valley National Cemetery are asked to arrive at the cemetery at 7:30am, parking is provided in the open space to the north of the cemetery grounds. Meet at the general assembly area. We will set up our distribution station towards the rear of the assembly area at the edge of the paved walkway. Bring hat, sunscreen, water, and folding chair if you would like. Feel free to call Deanna Carpenter with any questions 707-718-5229.

  • We may need to call you to coordinate before Memorial Day Weekend
  • Invite your family and friends to join you

Deanna Carpenter


Memorial Day Flowers is an opportunity for your associates to show family members that the sacrifices made by their interred loved ones are remembered.

The Foundation encourages that sponsor associates and family members participate in the laying of roses.

On May 27th, the Monday of Memorial Day Weekend, each volunteer will carry a Sponsor Logo tote bag with a bucket with 125 roses.

Each corporate sponsor volunteer will receive a bouquet to take home. Each bouquet will be accompanied with a flower food sachet and a care handout.

Each $10,000 sponsors 100 buckets, 1 bucket contains 125  roses.


Roses were donated in 2016 in a pilot program authorized by The National Cemetery Administration



2017 Coverage Goal


Veterans Graves

Map of the cemetery

Sacramento Valley National Cemetery

Sacramento Valley National Cemetery is the seventh national cemetery built in California and the 124th in the national cemetery system. Sacramento Valley National Cemetery opened for burials in 2006, and was formally dedicated on April 22, 2007.